The Jumble Room

"Its not just a restaurant, it's our way of life"

"200 years of serving visitors to our village"

Andy, Chrissy and Emily Hill from the Jumble Room in Grasmere are now in their 24th year, and from very humble beginnings their ethos has remained the same,
Take the very best local, and where possible organic ingredients, and cook them with love and care.
Their small colourful little restaurant in Grasmere has become internationally renowned….
Not for pomp and circumstance, but for a place to relax and forget our mad and hectic lifestyles, to escape, to switch off, if only for a little while and leave with the light glowing a little brighter.

It is said of the Jumble Room that it has soul, a small bohemian style restaurant, casual, honest, restorative and uncompromising in pursuit of quality….
"Prepared with love and served with pride it’s not just a restaurant it’s our way of life".

Here Pictured to the left is the infamous "Swanny Wilson" once owner of the Swan Hotel.
Friend and publican to the poets, owner and proprietor of the Tea Shop at Easdale Tarn
(the travellers rest) and Chrissy's 5 times Grandfather, owning the Swan from around the early 1800's, theres a fabulous piece here about the history of him and the hut and of course our family…
Welcome to Grasmere.